Sponsorship of the Biologic Park of Vinhais

Did you know that in the Biologic Park of Vinhais you can sponsor an animal?

By sponsoring an animal, you are contributing to the preservation, feeding, hygiene, construction or improvement of habitat conditions, management and well-being of the chosen species.

The sponsor can choose how he wants to help, there is no strict commitment, it is adjusted by you.

  • Mandatory financial contribution. The donation offered is at the discretion of the godparents / godmothers, however, it cannot be less than 2 € / month, which can be made monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.
  • Adicional Optional additional financial contribution: participation in small medical expenses, such as vaccinations, shearing, deworming, etc.
  • Personal involvement: the sponsor can visit the chosen animal whenever he wishes, accompany him, pamper him, participate in the hygiene care of the animal and its fence, etc.
  • The godfather / godmother can also collaborate in the promotion of his protege.
  • It can also help in the environmental enrichment of the facilities (trees, for example) and in the help of food, feeders, drinking fountains or small utensils.

To sponsor an animal is to create a personal bond of affection and responsibility.

What animals can I sponsor?

You can sponsor any animal in the Biologic Park. The choice of the protege is up to the sponsors.

Sponsorship Terms

  • Sponsorships have a duration of 6 months or a year (it is up to you) and during this period, sponsors can accompany their “godson” for free. At the end of this time, the sponsor must communicate if he intends to continue with the sponsorship or if he decides to interrupt.
  • The Biologic Park is committed to keeping sponsors informed of relevant changes that are directly related to the chosen animal.
  • Sponsorship can take place over a long distance, and travel to the Biologic Park is not mandatory.


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