Park’s Guesthouse

The Guesthouse located in the village of Rio de Fornos, about 3 km from the Biologic Park, has existed since 1700 and belonged to D. José Joaquim de Figueiredo de Moraes de Pimentel, Morgado de Rio de Fornos.

With no children to inherit what he had, it is said that Morgado José de Pimentel left the Solar as an inheritance to the Vinhais Seminary, but with the condition that the Seminar would welcome and train poor children in his village. And so, it was…

The Seminar received and trained several children, with few possessions, from that village.

However, over the years, the Solar has been degraded and the Seminar was unable to recover.

Years later, the Municipality of Vinhais acquired the Solar, restored it and transformed it into the Park´s Guesthouse, adapting it to accommodate 50 people, in four dormitories and two double rooms. Purple Room – 8 beds; Green Room – 10 beds; Blue Room – 14 beds; Lilac Room – 14 beds; Brown Room 1 – 2 beds; Brown Room 2 – 2 beds.

In addition, it has a kitchen equipped with a fridge, oven, ceramic hob, as well as dishes, glasses and cutlery for fifty people.

In order to enjoy any meal, there is a cafeteria with tables and chairs, as well as TV and internet.

The entire building is equipped with air conditioning.

In addition, we can provide the entire common area for holding events.

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