Park Club

Biologic Park of Vinhais Club

The Biologic Park of Vinhais´ Club (CPBV) is aimed at all people who are concerned with environmental issues, who wish to collaborate with the Biologic Park and who, enjoying direct contact with Nature, intend to actively participate in its conservation and preservation


  • Provide experiences and experiences of proximity to the environment of the Biologic Park of Vinhais;
  • Defend, promote and publicize the Biologic Park, supporting the landscape, environmental, cultural and human conservation of the region where the Biologic Park is located.
  • Encourage members of the CPBV to raise awareness of environmental problems, namely for their action in the defence and recovery of the natural habitats of the various species, and encourages them to disclose this harmonious way to everyone and healthy living with Nature.

How can I be a member of CPBV?

Membership is voluntary and free. You only need to register on a specific form, deliver it to the Park’s facilities and pay a fee, the amount of which will be fixed annually.

With registration at CPBV you will be entitled to free entrance, discounts on products purchased at our store or on activities promoted by the Park.