Equestrian Centre

The Equestrian Centre installed in the Biologic Park of Vinhais is the ideal place for the symbiosis between nature, equestrian and leisure.

Here, the user will be able to enjoy a diverse range of activities, all of which are carried out with the assistance of the equestrian, both when they are carried out in a riding arena, or because of the beautiful landscapes that surround the Biologic Park of Vinhais.

For those who want to have their first experience with horses, we have horse baptism, an initial contact with this docile animal, but we also have riding lessons, where it is intended that the student has an evolution in handling and the art of riding a horse. Those who already have experience of riding, will be able to go horseback riding on the existing routes in the perimeter of the Biological Park. Whoever wants to take a more romantic and/or family outing, up to four people, has the opportunity to do it in a horse-drawn cart ride where they will certainly be dazzled by the surroundings.

For people with special educational needs, namely Mental Retardation, Autism and Down Syndrome, we allow, free of charge, the possibility of using our horses for therapeutic purposes, as we know that the movements used by the horse are very important to develop the psychosocial capacity, consisting in an educational method that will favour the learning, socialization and global development of the person.

It should be noted that the performance of the aforementioned activities requires prior appointment.

Horse Baptism Price: € 5.50
Riding lesson Price: € 9.00
Price of 5 riding lessons: € 27.50
Horse riding price: € 33.00
Horse-drawn cart ride to Charca da Vidoeira or Baloiço da Chouriça (3km): 30,00 €
Horse-drawn cart ride to Charca da Vidoeira and the Baloiço da Chouriça(6km): 45,00 €


Os Bungalows/Pod’s de madeira existentes no PBV e em pleno Parque Natural de Montesinho são encantadoras casas de madeira individuais, havendo em diferentes tipologias, nomeadamente T0, T1, T2, T3 e T4.

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