Biological Park

The Biologic Park of Vinhais is a public facility installed by the Municipality of Vinhais, in the heart of the Montesinho Natural Park, more precisely in the old forest nursery of Vidoeira, in Prada, in the parish of Vila Verde, just 3 km from the village of Vinhais.

The project of the Biologic Park of Vinhais was a pioneer with regard to the Trás-Os-Montes region, it was inaugurated on May 16th of 2008, and its main objectives are:

– Divulge of the Nature and Landscape of the Montesinho Natural Park;

– Environmental Education;

– Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity;

– Ecotourism

This Park has a range of activities that are programmed for two types of public: Schools – here with a more technical and scientific character according to the curricular plan; General public – more playful, but always stressing the importance of honouring nature.

In a path of approximately 1km the visitor may have the opportunity to view the approximately 30 species of animals, but it should be noted that all wild animals originated in recovery centres, as they did not meet the ideal conditions to be released in their natural habitat, and the rest resulted from exchanges with other Parks.

In addition, it has a huge diversity of plants as well as three interpretative centres: The Iberian Wolf Centre; The Mycological Centre; The Interpretative Centre of the Portuguese Autochthonous Breeds.

Parallel to the visitation area, a Camping Park was built, where we have thirteen wooden buildings, ranging from the T0 to the T4 typology, managing to accommodate 48 people. All of these houses were designed and built taking into account their geographical location, without affecting or impacting on nature.

In this area there is also a space for motorhomes and tents.

In addition to these facilities, it has 3 km from the Biologic Park of Vinhais, in Rio de Fornos, a Guesthouse, with capacity for 50 people, spread over 4 dormitories and 2 bedrooms.

All of these guests have free use of a biological pool, unique in our region.

In order for all our visitors / guests to be able to spend their days of rest, in perfect communion with nature, the Biologic Park of Vinhais has a wide range of activities.

The constant evolution is, in our opinion, the key to success, since the visitor who repeats his stay always has something new to be able to see/appreciate, which leaves them very satisfied and motivated to repeat.



Os Bungalows/Pod’s de madeira existentes no PBV e em pleno Parque Natural de Montesinho são encantadoras casas de madeira individuais, havendo em diferentes tipologias, nomeadamente T0, T1, T2, T3 e T4.

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